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7 Reason Why Your Brand Should Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you still locked in the traditional model of an offline marketing plan, with a 60-second TV commercial as your primary channel of communication, supported by print and outdoor ads? If you are shaking your head in agreement, you are quickly falling behind others who have implemented a digital marketing strategy.

Brands are steadily transitioning from traditional advertising to digital marketing because of the higher reach, better engagement, and increased ability to generate high-quality leads. Read on for the top seven reasons why your brand should adopt a digital marketing approach.

Your prospects and customers are all online

With over 450 million Indians online today, your prospects and customers are spending more of their time online than ever before. And this number is slated to grow to 735 million online by 2024. Of these, 199 million will be English-speaking and 536 million will speak another language, with over 70% of them accessing the Internet from a smartphone throughout the day. They are increasingly spending more time online than on any other medium. Is there a better way for your brand to engage with India’s next billion Internet users and reach the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India as well?

A digital marketing approach will mean a mobile-first approach for your brand’s digital assets:

The online population accesses digital platforms over 150 times a day for various reasons, including searching. Additionally, 80% of Indian users use their phones to access the Internet. This only proves that your brand must adopt a mobile-first strategy to rank higher than your competitors and leave a stamp in the digital world. From accelerated mobile pages for lightning-fast speed to optimizing your web pages for better visibility on a mobile search, you need to leverage a custom-made digital strategy with a mobile-first approach to reach your potential consumers. Everything starts with the recognition that your digital marketing assets need to be optimized for the way consumers are behaving online now and in the future.

Your brand or business needs to be easily discoverable

How easy is it to find your brand or business? Search engine optimization has evolved significantly during the last few years. Deep and relevant information, such as pillar pages and other long-form content that is easily discoverable and spread across numerous platforms or amplified via social media, performs well. Consumers nowadays are information seekers with a ‘discovery attitude’, utilizing search engines multiple times per day for a variety of goals, both personal and professional. So, why not sell your brand by having it rank on the most popular search engine in the world? Featured snippets are an excellent approach to boosting brand awareness and organic traffic to your website.

Being discoverable is a key result area for your digital marketing assets so that consumers find your brand when they are searching for something they need. From using SEO plugins for WordPress to leveraging local SEO and Google Maps for your business, ensure your brand gets the visibility it deserves.

The world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube, is also a great platform to reach your target audience. For tips on how to rank your videos, join our top digital marketing company in Hyderabad, SocialSiren. Online consumers want to engage, not have information thrown at them

Is your online communication primarily an element of your offline marketing campaign? If you have to spend money to reach your target group with your advertising, what makes you think they will choose to come to your social media pages to see your ads? Instead, your online marketing campaigns must seek to engage consumers by rewarding them in some way with relevant communications on social media platforms. Make sure all your online assets are designed in such a way that they trigger engagement and ultimately result in conversions. You need to leverage the two-way communication model that digital platforms offer to understand what your audience finds intriguing and feed them with high-quality content that converts. Read our blog on how a redesign strategy helped increase social engagement for more insights.

The most-watched channel today is YouTube

YouTube is the second-most-used search engine in the world after Google, with over 100 million Indian users watching YouTube videos every single day! To add to that, according to YouTube Brandcast 2023, 9 out of 10 users consume videos that are in regional languages. This means that you must have a strategy for YouTube that could involve videos on your YouTube channel or advertising on YouTube to maximize impact. Your channel must be optimized with effective YouTube SEO tips for discoverability, and the videos must be disseminated on social media platforms. And your ads on YouTube can be optimized based on brand objectives, including calls to action. What you cannot afford to do is be absent from a burgeoning channel teeming with users.

Showcasing your brand through engaging and informative videos on your YouTube channel is one of the most effective ways to reach potential consumers and widen your clientele. SocialSiren’s YouTube channel features a section on digital marketing, where experts share their insights on the top digital marketing trends in the industry.

The rise of language content

With the introduction of Reliance Jio’s low data plans and the decline in smartphone prices in India, internet usage has spread to the country’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions. This has revealed a massive database of online users ready to be targeted. The only way to connect and convert with these users is to use an end-to-end multilingual marketing approach in a language that your customer is familiar with, which is exactly what SocialSiren provides in 22 languages. With the rise of localized content online, we create a language roadmap for your business, including landing pages, website building, social media campaigns, and search engine optimization. The earlier you begin, the faster you will become adept at it.

The ability to interact with consumers during the decision-making process

Today, digital marketing allows you to communicate with consumers during the decision-making process, positively influencing their choice of brand. Consumers use their digital footprint to convey their intent, from searching for information to comparing brands to the websites they frequent. They can be addressed during this stage to move them down the marketing funnel and into satisfaction. A connection and unique intent audiences of consumers who have demonstrated interest in specific items or services can also be targeted to capture their attention at the top of the funnel. Your offline marketing activities should direct visitors online to your content or messaging, allowing you to highly engage with them and influence their decisions.

Keeping these foolproof reasons in mind, it’s time to transition from newspaper to digital marketing and give your business the boost it needs. Whether you are a start-up company, a top consumer brand, a well-known financial institution, or a well-known B2B corporation, use the power of digital transformation to propel your business to new heights.

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