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Boosting Your Brand Presence On Instagram

So you might believe that Instagram is a place for young people to display their fancy images with numerous filters, rather than a platform that businesses should prioritize. Well, after reading this blog, you’ll see it in a completely different light. With social media marketing becoming the primary form of communication for the vast majority of businesses, the perfect Instagram branding plan could bring your brand to the spotlight.

Instagram is now outpacing all other social media networks and is on its way to the top. Instagram’s engagement rate can be up to 50 times that of Facebook and 20 times that of Twitter. By 2023, Instagram will be used by 51.8% of social media users, surpassing 50% for the first time. With all big firms globally flocking to Instagram for product exposure and conversion, here are six tactics to increase your sales and presence on the platform.

1. Optimizing your bio:

Include a gripping bio with a link to your site. Remember, your bio is the only place where you can place your site URL to drive traffic.

You may include a Like2Buy link in your bio, which will direct visitors to a landing page containing images of all of the products you’ve showcased on Instagram, as well as necessary information such as pricing and specifications.

2. Balanced-content diet:

Avoid hard selling and make sure your content includes a mix of product details, client-engaging posts, offers, and posts for potential customers. Strong sales methods fail to build a rapport with the customer.

Buyers report that social media has a significant impact on their buying decisions. While friends’ social media shares have the greatest influence, 38% said they are influenced by a brand’s social media, and 35% by retailers’ social media.

According to a study, 60% of Nike’s posts in 2023 were lifestyle-related, while Adidas posted 32% lifestyle-related posts rather than product-related or call-to-action posts. Nike had an eightfold increase in social media connections.

3. Hashtags matter:

Create a distinct perspective of your brand that you wish to convey using Instagram. A combination of visually appealing images that follow company rules and a distinctive perspective is effective for boosting traffic.

Using trending keywords can also assist in increasing your post’s exposure. When a brand does not have a unique hashtag that is popular, it should attempt to connect its content with trending hashtags as a fantastic approach to drive traffic. For example, if you use a trendy hashtag, your photo will appear alongside other photos with the same hashtag. Because of the high level of involvement and reach, your content receives more attention.

4. Use the right tools to keep track of your audience engagement:

Use analytical tools to gain a better understanding of the reach and audience interaction you obtain with each post. Use tools such as The Icon Square, SimplyMeasured, Crowd Fire, and others to determine when your Instagram profile receives the most engagement and the optimum time to upload photographs. You should conduct extensive research on the keywords that you are employing to gain an understanding of the quantitative engagement you receive from using that specific keyword and the kinds of companies that connect themselves with that particular keyword.

5. Every year, the younger generation’s sector grows:

Youngsters are the best-fit audience for the app, and their ever-changing demographic is something that businesses can capitalize on. They can connect with the segment by posting Instagram stories with photographs and videos to which they can relate. Instagram stories are very popular, and marketers can make use of this feature by launching teasers or one-day discounts through their stories.

6. Get the right influencers on board:

If you have the budget or contacts to bring on an influencer, it will benefit your brand greatly. However, you must be certain about your influencer’s profile, target demographic, and potential affiliation with the brand. This will help you attract more followers, and your influencer’s timely posts will keep the audience interested.

So, if you believe your brand does not need to be on Instagram or is falling behind on this network, these six strategies will resuscitate your brand to a new level. SocialSiren understands you’re a digital expert, so why not offer your opinion in the comments regarding the article and any other insights we may have missed?

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