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How Design Can Help Tell a Brand Story

Storytelling has been around since the days of cave writing. However, as humanity advanced, new technologies developed, and with highways of online interactions, brands are continually swimming against a furious flow of client attention. In an information-rich world, visual design helps to strategize more effectively by informing, entertaining, and engaging audiences.

Good material and plot make a story interesting, but a story that is viscerally communicated and built with the appropriate tone, signals, and beauty increases the content, transforming an ordinary experience into a remarkable one. This is the power of visual storytelling.

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Having said that, how do we strategize design in our brand’s narrative?

Research conducted by the Visual Education Alliance found that 90% of the information transferred to the brain is visual. A well-thought-out visual design strategy incorporating the appropriate aspects of images, graphics, colors, types, and videos quickly links customers with the brand’s key values, generating engagement to its full potential. However, an objective balance must be maintained in design because overwhelming may have a side effect on the brand.

Here are some tips to help you jump-start your visual storytelling strategy.

Embrace visuals

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. The magic is truly in the innovative use of images that reflect authenticity, cultural relevance, and real-time human experiences; Creating a chain reaction among viewers by generating emotions along with the story.

Most of the real estate and travel brands, for example, use visuals & images to their advantage, by taking their customers on a prospective tour of their products, amenities, and the surrounding facilities. See how we leveraged the power of photography to take the consumer through a visual journey around the globe.

Use Infographics effectively

Infographics are an excellent approach to collecting and displaying information while telling a story about your brand’s journey. Infographics with attractive visuals and accurate data ensure that your material goes viral, allow for analytical tracking, and position you as an authority.

Set your color palette

Colors may express different moods and brand values while also increasing brand recognition by up to 80%. When applied correctly, your brand’s color palette may trigger emotions that support your story. Are you a fun brand looking to inspire creativity and youth? Then you might want to explore using bold and interesting colors. However, if your brand is serious and based on trust, you may wish to employ trustworthy colors. Playing with the same color consistently across all channels helps to develop a stronger brand connection.

⦁ Choose your colors in order of importance, from the primary color, the one you want to be the primary voice of your brand, to the secondary palette (the ones you will use the least).

⦁ Choose functional colors and ensure good contrasting tones.

⦁ Use images that harmonize with your color palette.

For example, notice how Google uses the primary color palette (red, blue, yellow, and green) across all its imagery to reflect its playful and innovative culture.

Determine your Brand’s fonts

Further, the choice of fonts you choose also affects the way audiences perceive your brand & its personality. Consider using 2-3 fonts consistently in all channels: one for the title that should be expressive of the brand’s persona, along with another easy-to-read font for the subtitle and the body copy.

Elevate with the right filters and effects

Enhancing images with tints, vibrancy, saturation, hues, or blurring will set the mood for the story giving it a unique look/feel that can reinforce the brand’s culture. Most importantly the filters must have the same synchrony to other elements as per your style guide.

Keep the Brand layout consistent

Ensure the position and size of the logo, phrase, and other brand graphics are consistent. When using them over photographs, make sure they may be offset against the background.

Personalize your strategy

Embrace the special features, capabilities, and audience demographics of videos, gifs, and memes to foster different types of engagement.

Give it a human touch

Adding a name and face to your brand story, such as characters or logos, brings the tale to life and provides credibility. A simple cartoon, drawing, hand sketches, or animated short film can highlight the plot while also informing viewers about your business.

Spice up your Brand’s online presence

The cover photo gives enough space to capture the attention of social media followers on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The Internet social space offers enough property for visualizing your business story.

The power of design in storytelling is no fairy tale. The race to get customer attention is on, and your brand’s visual voice is what will get your brand noticed. So put a strong visual story for your brand, if you want your business to have a happy ending join us today for the best in Digital Marketing services in Hyderabad- SocialSiren.

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