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How To Create A Successful Social Media Plan

Social media is a great way to engage with your audience. The social media channels are available to drive brand awareness, get insights, and create meaningful relationships with potential and existing customers.

But to be successful on social media, you need a plan. You need to do your research, use social networks, know what your competitors are doing, and create content that connects with your target audience.

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Know Your Brand

This step can be difficult for smaller companies that don’t know who they are. Creating a business today has to go beyond the products and services you offer. You have to create a brand that will attract people to your services, because that’s what sets you apart from the rest.
Consider all aspects of your business and look for things that are uniquely yours. Define your brand, and you will be on your way to creating excellent (and relevant) content.
KNOW YOUR Audience
Now that you have a better idea of who you want to be, you can consider targeting a more specific audience. Already, you can see how the first step ties into the second.
Look at creating a more detailed buyer persona for your audience and focus on what will attract them to your social media pages. Some things to consider when looking at your target audience are:
⦁ Age
⦁ Location
⦁ Job title
⦁ Income
⦁ Pain points or challenges (that your business can solve)
⦁ Interests or hobbies
⦁ Values or goals (to tie into social issues they care about)
⦁ Most used social network

Know Your Social Media channels

You have to know where you are and how you are performing on social media. That means doing an audit of your social media presence. Here’s your social media audit checklist:
⦁ Which platforms are you using?
⦁ Are your pages fully optimized using platform features such as photos, cover images, bio/about, etc.?
⦁ Which pages are getting the best results?
⦁ What posts get the best results?
⦁ Who is connecting with you?
⦁ How frequently are you posting?
You want to establish what is working and what is not. You can also take a look at what pages are most challenging to maintain compared to the results; in other words, are they worth the effort or could you use your time elsewhere?
There might be a need to take down some of your pages to focus on the social media channels that make the most sense for your brand. This means determining what social media platforms are used by your audience and ideal customer.

Conduct a Comparative Analysis

A competitive analysis will give you insight into the improvements you can make to your social media pages. You can see where competitors hit the mark and where they fall short.
Looking at competitors also helps you see what the industry is doing so that you know where there might be opportunities to be unique, as well as areas you will have to cover on your pages.
You can also look for dominance. A competitor might be killing it on Instagram but doing nothing on Facebook. That leaves another opportunity for you to dominate.

Set Up And optimize Accounts

Use your audit findings to look for opportunities to improve your existing profiles. Review every feature available so that there are no holes in the pages you have created.
Make sure you have optimized your pages with contact info, company history and information, product and service descriptions, and good use of photos and video when you can.

Create Mission And Vision Statements

It is not enough to create a generic mission statement for your social media pages. Instead, you should create a mission statement for each channel.

That will help you determine how you want to use each platform for customer service (WhatsApp) to create a community (Threads).

You should consider who your ideal customer is and use their needs and pain points to focus your mission statements. You can write a mission statement by:

⦁ Explaining what your company offers
⦁ Relaying the core values of the business
⦁ Showing how your offering aligns with your values

From your mission statement, you can create an aspirational vision statement that reveals the future mission or vision for your brand and its potential impact on the world. Here’s an example from SocialSiren for inspiration:

Mission Statement: Giving People Ideas

Vision Statement: SocialSiren standards while maintaining the leadership position in the digital marketing category when delivering superior customer services in a highly efficient and profitable manner.
Always make sure that you focus on creating content that is mission-appropriate. That keeps the lines from blurring, and you won’t begin to lose people by sending mixed messages.

Set-Up Matrics

In companies where a budget is required to run your social media marketing. It is also important to help track what posts or campaigns are performing so that you can build on your success. Some of the most important metrics include:
⦁ Engagement rate
⦁ Conversion rate
⦁ Amplification rate
⦁ Reach
⦁ Impressions
⦁ Video views
⦁ Click-through rate
⦁ Audience growth
⦁ Cost per click
⦁ Brand mentions
⦁ Sentiment
⦁ Total shares
You can also determine where your best efforts will get the best ROI. Look beyond vanity metrics. Look at leads, web referrals, and the all-powerful conversion rate.

Schedule Engaging Content

All of the other steps in your plan should help put you in a better position to plan your content. No matter how strong your social media plan is, if you don’t follow it all up with engaging content, your social activities will fail.

Create a social media content calendar to show what you want to publish, on what date, and on what channel. Mix things up using images, link sharing to blog posts, videos, and clever text to keep people engaged.

You have many different avenues to generate strong content, including:
⦁ Leverage your blog content.
⦁ Repurpose other marketing efforts such as landing pages, videos, offers, etc.
⦁ Post and share industry news
⦁ Use influencers
⦁ Post user-generated content.
⦁ Share tips and tricks, such as recipes or unusual ways to use your products
⦁ Ask followers questions to generate conversations
⦁ Use hashtags to help generate more UGC.

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