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Making The 7 P’s of Digital Marketing Work for Your Content

Product marketing involves the 4 Ps and 7 Ps. Are you worried that you posted an incorrect blog post? Well, just for the document, no. Yes, the 4 Ps of makeup marketing are popular: product, place, promotion, and price. If you’ve gone beyond the basics of advertising, you’ll be familiar with the final 3 Ps: people, processes, and physical evidence. But how can all of this relate to content? A lot! If you’ve spent your time, energy, and resources producing high-quality content, it’s only right that you treat it as a product and gain the most benefits from it.

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Content marketing is successful if you develop the appropriate content product. What tale are you attempting to tell? Who are the people you wish to talk to? Do they enjoy jokes? Do they love statistics? These are the types of questions you should consider before developing content for your target audience. Too frequently, we develop content based on the knowledge we have rather than the type of content our audiences want. You will not make that mistake again.


Just like any successful product, your information must be available to your audience when they are interested in reading it, rather than when it is convenient for you to offer it. Today, with content marketing and social media management tools, it is rather simple to post information at the appropriate moment. Using analytics, you can even identify the platforms that your target viewers use and share your content there. What you do after you’ve created content is almost as crucial as the material itself. So take advantage of the technologies available and allow your content to be felt in the correct place and at the right time.


While it is true that high-quality information may and should spread naturally, with evolving social media network algorithms and specific target audiences, relying just on organic reach may be unnecessary. Strive for a balance between paid and unpaid outreach. Be strategic about paid reach. Ultimately, everyone is motivated by emotions. So, when developing your content promotion strategy, be sure to take into account sporting events, special days, and festivals. When writing amazing content, focus on the story you’re conveying and let everything else take a second seat. However, once the tale is written and ready, consider it a product and don’t hold back while marketing it to those who are interested.


With so much pretty, excellent-quality content available online for free, it is becoming increasingly difficult to persuade your audience of the benefits or value of paying for your content. One method to get around this is to provide as much knowledge and information as possible for free without losing your competitive advantage while still tempting your audience to pay for a related service or experience. For example, build a terrific culinary blog and charge people for the recipe book. Or, provide a free fitness test and a paid consultation with an expert.


Content development is a creative activity, regardless of how many guidelines you create and implement or how strictly you adhere to style guides. Those who work on it will leave their mark. You can only be sure that it’s impressive.  If you were the person who made the intern handle your brand’s Facebook page without your involvement, take a moment to stop reading. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I’ll never make this mistake again.” And now you may keep reading. If you hire a content firm, make sure you have individuals on your team who understand your brand’s story and can oversee its translation into material that is relevant to your target audience. People are more important than tools.


What you do is vital, but how you do it is equally crucial. It is vital to have a method to the madness, to bring structure to the turmoil of content development and marketing. Don’t let it be random. Create a timetable and plan for the types of content to be developed, as well as the dates and platforms for the first five pieces of each content product. While creating content, you may read about similar things online, jot down ideas, pick out the relevant ones, bounce them off with members of another team, and contact someone who fits your target audience type. You need not do all of this for every piece of content, but thinking along these lines will give you a good place to start.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence refers to proof that the service was supplied, as well as how the business or brand is perceived in the marketplace. In terms of content marketing, this might include answers, content traction reports, reader feedback, and so on.

There is only one simple rule to live by. In a world full of options and answers, you must answer your customer’s questions. SocialSiren stands out for its combination of creativity, data-driven methodologies, and a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends. The personalized approach, diverse products and services, and dedication to customer success all contribute to its distinct value proposition.

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